Cordeaux Road Bridge and Road Upgrade

01/07/2015 Stephan

The Cordeaux Road bridge and road upgrade project was a joint venture by Wollongong City Council and BHP Billiton to improve the quality of the main access road to Mount Kembla and surrounds by repairing and widening sections of the road, and replacing a deteriorating bridge. Select Civil were contracted by Fernandes Constructions to undertake the civil and earthworks portion of the project, expected to be completed by July 2015. The contract sum was issued at $1.6 million.

As Cordeaux Road links Wollongong to the Mount Kembla area, the bridge and road could not be entirely shutdown for the duration of the project. As such, the bridge will be completed in two stages, restricting vehicular traffic to a single lane at all times. This has required significant attention to the continued safety of all road users and site personnel throughout the project, by installing and monitoring site specific traffic safety measures, procedures and signage.

The scope of the projects includes:

  • Traffic control installation and management.
  • Site clearing and levelling, including environmentally sensitive tree removal.
  • Creek clearing, sediment control and rip-rap protection aggregate installation.
  • Concrete block retaining wall installation.
  • Brick retaining wall installation, including concrete footings.
  • Road sub-base, base course, spray seal and asphalt placement.
  • Backfill of bridge abutments.
  • Minor concrete kerb and island works.

One of the photos illustrates the stepped brick retaining wall and footing construction, up to 3m in height at the Cordeaux Road upgrade project. The location of the project has generally unstable and top-soil rich earth, requiring significant confinement to ensure longevity of the new road and bridge.

  • Client

    Wollongong City Council

  • Area

    Mount Kembla

  • Value

    $1.6 million

  • Duration

    July 2015