Whytes Gully New Landfill Cell Construction

01/03/2015 Stephan

Wollongong City Council owns and operates Whytes Gully Resource Recovery Park, which currently receives all of the municipal solid waste within the Wollongong local government area. With existing landfill airspace at Whytes Gully Resource Recovery Park projected to expire, Wollongong City Council proposed the construction of several new landfill cells on the occupied site, on top of and adjacent to existing landfill locations. Once completed, the 4 stages of the project would extend the capacity of the Whytes Gully site by a further 6 million m3.

Select Civil engaged in a $10.5 million contract with designer and superintendent Golder & Associates to construct the first stage of the new landfill cell construction; packages 1A and 1B. Both piggyback cells were built directly above compacted putrescible waste. The high specification cell construction consisted of coal wash and clay earthworks, polymer liner placement and welding, geosynthetics deployment, subgrade and surface pipe installation, gravel placement and surface drainage works.

The project also consisted of ancillary works including the construction of 3 asphalt roads, diversion drains, gabion drainage structures, culvert installation, subgrade gas pipe network installation, minor earthworks and buildings demolition.

  • Client

    Wollongong City Council

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  • Value


  • Duration

    Jan - Dec 2018