Kemps Creek Resource Recovery Park

02/04/2019 Stephan

The Kemps Creek Resources Recovery Centre is situated on Elizabeth Drive near Kemps Creek in Western Sydney. The site is a 65Ha site and is licensed to accept  solid non putrescible waste, Commercial and industrial (C&I) waste, construction and demolition (C&D) waste and restricted waste.

Select have been providing Suez with landfill services at the site since 2011, these services include tip face operations, management of stormwater & leachate, maintenance of access roads & litter control. The site is a major landfill operation for the ever growing Western Sydney suburbs and prides itself on having an all weather access to the landfill.
Select’s equipment utilised for our Landfill services is supported by our accredited equipment workshop at the site inclusive of 2 full time qualified plant mechanics and 1apprentice.

The site also includes Suez’s state of the art alternate waste treatment faciltity (SAWT) for which Select has been contracted to provide supply and maintenance of a number of mobile equipment utilised at the facility. Select Civil ability to provide immediate support and maintenance to the SAWT equipment is a huge benefit to the plant.

  • Client

    Suez Environmental

  • Area

    Kemps Creek, NSW

  • Duration

    January 2009 - Present